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Is This Common Practice Making Your Pets Sick?

Here are the facts!

A 7 month long study done in England shows that 1 out of 10 animals have an adverse reaction to vaccines.

  • “Vaccinated dogs – but not the non-vaccinated dogs – are attacking their own body.” (Study by Purdue University)
  • 49% of horses had reacted adversely to vaccination according to a poll done by in 2010.

There is ZERO scientific proof that yearly – or biannual vaccination in horses – is necessary or healthy. It drives me crazy that this practice is blindly followed without question!

Illogical thinking at its best!

  1. Dogs are commonly protected for life after receiving their parvo and distemper puppy shots.
  2. Canine Infectious Hepatitis, which is still routinely injected isn’t even present in this country any longer (except for just a few cases in the North East in 2012)!
  3. The leptospirosis vaccine provides immunity for 2 weeks to less than a year. Are you going to vaccinate for it every two weeks then? Add to that, the strain of lepto your animal may encounter may or may not even be in the vaccine.
  4. Lyme vaccine can cause the same symptoms as Lyme disease itself.
  5. The more often a horse is vaccinated for Herpes the more likely it is to succumb to the neurologic form of EHV-1.
  6. Western Equine Encephalomyelitis (WEE) only occurs in the Western US and some in Florida, yet it only comes as a combo vaccine including EEE.
  7. Tetanus: study in Germany shows good protection for 8-15 years in horses!

Now that you know this, don’t you feel lied to? But guess who benefits from this and doesn’t care… Big Pharma!

Vaccines are a billion dollar industry! Sale of veterinary vaccines is expected to reach $20.60 BILLION by 2021. And that doesn’t include all the money made from the damage they are causing to our animal friends.

How do they damage your animals?

After equine spring or fall shots there is an increase of colic incidence. Chronic diseases such as laminitis, cancer, allergies, behavior problems, recurrent infections and autoimmune diseases (remember that vaccinated dogs attack their bodies) are all on the rise. And mostly you won’t be able to related back to vaccines your dog, cat or horse received because the changes are likely not immediate. Unless your veterinarian is aware of these resulting issues your animals will be vaccinated again and again and again.

Vaccines work by stimulating the immune system to mount a response to a particular pathogen such as rabies for example. In order to create a strong enough reaction the producers add adjuvants that trigger an increased immune response. Unfortunately, these adjuvants are toxic to the body (aluminum, mercury, etc.).

Further more, pathogens used in the vaccine have to be grown on a medium. Commonly these are cell lines of animal origin. For example kidney cells of Rhesus monkeys, fetal cow serum, avian embryos and also from dogs, cats and hamsters.

Now imagine that left-over proteins of these cells end up in your horse’s muscle or your dog’s subcutaneous tissue, particles that don’t belong there. The immune system recognizes them and as it patrols the body, it suddenly comes across a very similar protein else where. And guess what it will do?

It will start attacking it, because that’s what it was trained to do via the vaccine.

The Purdue study found (in 1997 – that’s 20 years ago!) that vaccinated dogs were producing auto-antibodies to collagen (among many other proteins). Nearly 25% of the body’s protein is collagen. It is a major structural protein that gives strength to tendons, ligaments and also supports the skin and internal organs. Bones and teeth are made by adding mineral crystals to collagen.

One has to wonder why there are so many cruciate ligament tears in dogs or lameness issues in horses.

“Our ongoing studies of dogs shows that following routine vaccination, there is a significant rise in the level of antibodies dogs produce against their own tissues. Some of these antibodies have been shown to target the thyroid gland, connective tissue such as that found in the valves of the heart, red blood cells, DNA, etc.” – Dr Glickman (he is a strong pro-vaccinator)

What about CANCER?

Laminin and fibronectin control cell growth and differentiation. If cells grow too much and in a poorly differentiated way, we call that cancer. When these two proteins are attacked by the immune system, they lose that very control.

Genetic Damage?

Possibly most worrysome, the Purdue study also discovered that the vaccinated dogs were attacking their own DNA, which indicates that we are injecting inheritable damage into animals.

So, how’s that prevention working out?

I see vaccine damaged animals every day. And it makes me sad and angry at the ignorance, lack of education and disclosure present in our society. I hate seeing your animals (and you) suffer!

  • Two Bichon Frise friends of mine are suffering from unrelenting and hard to control allergies. One is the mother the other the daughter. What derailed their immune system this severely?
  • Another dog friend developed fly snapping behavior that got even worse after another rabies vaccine.
  • And one of my little puppy friends ended up with screaming pains that kept resurfacing about once a month.
  • Horses have their issues as well. Colics and chronic digestive issues, laminitis, metabolic dysfunctions, stiffness, sore joints. etc.

The list of diseases and symptoms linked to vaccines is endless and is what I see on a daily basis.

What can YOU do? Safer prevention.

First of all, please educate yourself. Don’t leave it up to your veterinarian, because most of them don’t have much knowledge when it comes to vaccines. They will even vaccinate your animal even though it’s sick – which is a big NO NO!

Second, true prevention of disease comes from creating a healthy body and immune system. Healthy animals don’t get sick and if they do, their body is able to kick it much faster and much more easily.

Third, make sure your animal really is in need for vaccine boosters. If their body has mounted a good response they don’t need another shot until the immune response has waned. Titer testing is a way to find out. Hemopet is one of the labs that will test titers for pets and horses. Let your veterinarian know.

And number four: limit the number of vaccines and only vaccinate for deadly diseases and with vaccines that have shown to actually protect the animal (not like lepto for example).

You are in charge!

I tell my clients that it is up to them to decide what will help them sleep at night. But don’t let myths and false promises lull you into a land of unreal dreams. The awakening can be very rude. Educate yourself. You’re responsible for your animal’s well-being. Do what you know and feel is right for your friend.

To make it easier for you I’ve done a lot of research on this subject and have been able to collect ‘hidden’ information. This and much more of the potentially life saving knowledge is now available to you in a condensed form. >> Click here to access my vaccine course.

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