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"It’s a real bargain!"

The amount of time and effort Dr. Suter puts into this course makes it a real bargain. This is an amazingly helpful course, providing a depth of information for pet owners to help find the right help and what to ask for from vets to aid in our pets’ good health. Dr Suter is so knowledgeable and willing to share her knowledge. Would highly recommend the course to anyone wishing to gain information on how to assist with the health of their pets.

Ann W.
Canine Massage Therapist

"I highly recommend this course!"

The information is so valuable to helping us give our pets a longer and healthier life. The knowledge that is gained not only helps our current pets but also those yet to come. I have learned so much on what I could have done differently with my dog I recently lost to cancer. But when we know better, we do better.

Kristin G.
Pet Parent

"I’ve seen multiple improvements in my pack since starting the program"

Making that call, and becoming involved in your program has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my pets. Digestive issues have resolved, seasonal allergy issues are under control, and overall my dogs are a LOT healthier. Your kindness, compassion, and depth of knowledge has been invaluable and given me so much. I’ve made new friends from all over the world in the on-line community that is part of the program. Thank you for providing a much needed oasis in the current chaos of pet care. It has been such a wonderful experience to find like minded people to share ideas and information with, and to have a safe space to ask questions and have discussions. I love the Q&A sessions and always learn something new from the other community member’s questions. Most of all the guidance and support from Dr. Suter has been invaluable and I am incredibly grateful to have found her and this program ❤️. Your program has been a life changer for me and my pets, truly heaven sent. ❤️❤️

Michele T.
Retired Vet Tech, Dog Trainer

"I love the true judgement free zone!"

Dr. Suter’s Holistic Pet Health program is for anyone who wants to help pets live a healthier life, but doesn’t know where to start. Dr. Suter has taken her approach to healing pets and created a road map that is easy to understand and follow. The continued support, lifetime access to materials and weekly live Q&A sessions make this program invaluable to both pet professionals and owners. Everyone is so supportive and wonderful. I love the true judgement free zone!

Kendra S.
Dog Trainer

"Learned SOOOO much! Thank you! Thank you! This program is priceless!"

Dr. Suter you are a gift to us who want to do the very best for our four- legged loves. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with all of us. I for one will be forever grateful for you.

You take hard topics and breaks them down so we can easily understand them, and make them fun too! The Q&A sessions are so informative too! I am so glad I took the leap. Our pup’s vitality has truly improved since taking this course!

Mary Z.
Pet Parent

"Wow! I feel like I went through vet school!"

Dr. Odette Suter your program is absolutely amazing. Wow! I feel like I went through vet school. There is an enormous amount of extraordinary information organized in such clear ways that makes the contents easy to understand for the average busy layperson.

In the times that we live in it is a MUST to educate ourselves as we continue to pave the way into a new and empowering health paradigm for both animals and humans!

Our vets can’t do it alone. We have to help and spread the information. Clearly, your program applies to the human being, too.

Fabienne D.
Pet Parent

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