I have over 25 years of holistic veterinary care experience

In my office, as well as in my tele-health visits, I take time to get to know you and your pet, our visits will rarely be less than an hour long and in addition to a physical exam, I’ll be asking you all kinds of nuanced questions about your pet’s daily life and life in your home.

What My Clients Have To Say

Wow! I feel like I went through vet school.

Dr. Odette Suter…. your video series is absolutely amazing. Wow! I feel like I went through vet school. There is an enormous amount of extraordinary information organized in such clear ways (you must be Swiss 😉 ) and the contents are easy to understand to the average busy layperson.


In the times that we live in it is a MUST to educate ourselves as we continue to pave the way of a new and empowering health paradigm for both animals and humans!


Our vets can’t do it alone. We have to help and spread the information.

Clearly, your series applies to the human being, too.

Fabienne D.

Dog and Cat Parent

5-9-16 122

Beneficial to our own health as well!

My husband and I attended Dr. Suter’s classes and really enjoyed the experience and learned a great deal. Dr. Suter’s presentations were not only beneficial to the health of our animals but to our own health as well. We were provided with a great deal of information on many topics like nutrition, detoxification, hormones, the nervous system and more. The presentations were engaging and very easy for anyone to understand no matter what your background may be. I would highly recommend her courses to everyone.

Mary D.

Cat Parent

She helps you become an educated pet parent!

Odette does AMAZING work and her goal isn’t just to fix your animal’s symptoms. She works to fix their overall health as well. She teaches you on animal health, with up to date statistics and information, and strives to help you become an educated pet parent. I’m so thankful to have found her! Absolutely love Odette and highly recommend her to everyone. 

Nora K.

Dog Parent


After the first visit there was a huge improvement!

We were so fortunate to find Dr. Suter. We had been trying for over a year to help our dog. She was only 2 years old but was acting like a 15 yr old dog. She only wanted to lie around and sleep. Her former Vet offered no help, after a year and repeated costs on tests, they gave us no hope. I found Odette, and after just the first visit there was a huge improvement with our pup. She continued being treated on a 6 month health restart program, and she is now 5 years old and more active than her 2 yr old sister. Part of the program were informational classes created and taught by Odette. The information provided at these classes was amazing. We learned so much about what effects the health of our pets, from vaccines, to diet, to table food, to ingredients in manufactured food. This information will assist us in the continued health for both our pets.

We are thankful every day for having found Odette and her treatment program. It literally gave us our dog back to live a full happy life. 

Rhonda G.

Dog Parent

Dr. Odette Suter has changed our lives!

Dr. Odette Suter has changed our lives with respect to our animals.  Her classes are enlightening and informative.  I believe any pet owner should invest in Dr. Suter’s programs.   Our friends and family who see our two dogs after only 3 months of working with Dr. Suter have commented on how different our dogs are acting.  Happy healthy wonderful dogs now live with us, all thanks to her. 

Jill K.

Dog Parent


Odette Suter has fabulous results with the animals she visits.

She visited my neighbor’s dog, who was best described as Eyore, a very serious and sad dog. Although only 5 years old, she seemed ancient and tired. Odette helped the dog to express some of the things that had been bothering her and facilitated a transformation in the dog, who is now running and playing like never before.


Being with her when she works with the animals enabled me to better communicate with my pets. She facilitated the communication between me and my California Desert tortoise, Torta. This was an amazing, loving experience, as if a lightning bolt of love from Torta was shot into my heart.

One of the greatest joy’s in life is communication between the species. In fact most people are more interested in my dog than me. And I’m a very interesting person! Needless to say, I always know what my dog is saying to me now.


If you have the opportunity to have her help you communicate with your pet it may transform your life as well.

John St. Claire

Universal Happiness Inc.

She took off chasing a nearby dog, running with power, speed and as straight as an arrow! Tears came to my eyes.

A few days ago, she even worked on my 15 year old miniature dachshund, Emma.  She had back surgery when she was 8, and had been paralyzed for a few months afterwards.  Since then, Emma has been enjoying a life full of work and play.  The years, however, have taken a toll on the little creature; she has limited movement and a very crooked way of traveling.  Once again and out of the sheer kindness of her heart, she offered to do a slight adjustment on Emma.  She performed a simply canine neurological examination consisting of manually curling her back paws and waiting for Emma’s response.  Emma simply stood, paws still curled, with no intention, awareness, nor strength to uncurl them.  Dr. Suter proceeded to work on her through chiropractic medicine and tried the test once more.  Not only did Emma immediately right her paws, but she took off chasing a nearby dog, running with power, speed and as straight as an arrow!  Tears came to my eyes, I thanked Dr. Suter. My faith in Dr. Suter’s abilities in chiropractic care were further cemented.


These are not the only cases in which the expertise of Dr. Suter has benefitted my animals.  She has worked on my other personal horses and other client’s horses with great results and much success.  Her insights as to how horses should be cared for and managed through diet, nutrition and holistic medicine are unrivaled and have forever changed the way I approach their daily training regiments as well as their own individual dietary needs.  My horses have never felt better, and therefore, never have I.

Alyson Senatore

Owner/Trainer Poet’s Hill Farm

She did for my gelding what I thought was impossible.

One short year ago I was in need of a good chiropractor. I had just recently purchased an 8 year old quarter horse mare as I had a 12 year old gelding that couldn’t be ridden as he was unpredictable. I had many vets exam him in hopes of determining what was that was creating such extreme behavior but after several years and countless suggestions I gave up and purchased the mare as a 2nd horse that would allow me to pursue riding.



Unfortunately, the mare began to have issues with her hocks and was lame more than she was sound. I saw a great recommendation on Facebook for Dr. Odette Suter. So, I contacted her and set up an appointment. That first appointment was April 14, 2012. I’ll never forget my first impression. She was so kind and gentle. She spent time carefully examining and treating each horse. The horses absolutely loved her and melted to her touch. She was very open and explained everything she was doing. After her time with Chief she felt he was suffering from leaky gut and could be treated with a protocol of good feed, the right hay, some supplements and continued chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. Unfortunately, the news on the mare was not as good. She felt that xrays were needed to determine what the actual problems were. We later discovered that she has severe arthritis and bone spurring in both hocks.


So, I decided to give Chief a chance and began to follow Dr. Suter’s instructions to the letter. Once Chief was solid on the Vital Royal feed and supplements (Nutrient Buffer and Hind Gut Buffer) I began to see improvement. Every time Dr. Suter visited the news was more positive. His back was less sensitive. He was not having the diarrhea episodes. In less than a year, Chief has come full circle. He is a very healthy and ridable. In fact, we began taking Western Dressage lessons in January. He is kind and enjoying his “work”. In December we removed the shoes that we had been forced to keep on him due to horrible feet that broke and cracked horribly without them. He has strong healthy hoofs and is moving better than ever. He is no longer cinchy or irritable. He hasn’t bucked in months. My trainer even jokes now about him being an overachiever. There are many other small signs of the extremely positive impact Dr. Suter has had on my horses. Both no longer have skin tags. My mare had a very itchy spot under her forelock that she kept the hair rubbed off- now gone. Chief had a very droopy lower lip. His coat was coarse and dull. The droopy lip is long gone and his coat is shinny.


Dr. Suter is great with the horses. She did for my gelding what I thought was impossible. She transformed him from a pasture ornament to a wonderful, giving, trusted partner. With his good health and his new western dressage training Chief is building muscle and developing a nice top line. Dr. Suter is also great with the people that own the horses she works on. She is kind, knowledgeable, and willing to explain everything at the level needed. She is always available for questions and happy to receive updates on her clients.


We (both of my horses and me) look very forward to her visits. I have recommended her to many of my friends and will continue to do so. I am extremely thankful for Dr. Suter and all she has done for me and my ponies. She absolutely believes in providing the best care and clearly knows how to heal horses.


Horse Owner, Florida

He [Abra] has been transformed!

At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Dr Suter is one of the best practitioners of veterinary medicine that I have had the privilege of calling.  Her skills cannot be overstated and her gentle intuition has worked miracles for horses in my barn whom, without her, would have been unsafe to ride.


I mainly work with young, untrained and “difficult” horses.  Despite my untiring patience with these magnificent animals, I was still having trouble in maximizing their full potential.  I am not a trainer who turns to harsh methods through force or drugs to achieve results.  Instead, I take my time and use tried and true training methods to reach goals I set for each horse.  Sometimes, however, even these techniques still leave a void in the finished product of the sport horse.  I have not found a professional in the field of veterinary medicine who could help me; until now.


Dr. Suter was approached by one of my oldest and dearest clients.  This client has had her off the track thoroughbred in training with me for the past nine years.  Her horse, Abra, had been a handful from the first moment I laid eyes on him.  He was wild, unfocused, terribly fit, and unwilling to compromise when it came to obedience.  I spent the first three years working with Abra from the ground, incorporating European ground work training as well as dressage basics into his everyday regiment.  This was working, but it was a long, trying process with slow success.  As the years passed, Abra made strides in his training, but there was still something missing.  The phrase “you are what you eat” could not have been more true,  Dr. Suter suggested that we change Abra’s feed, supplement in with some natural substances and bring the horse back to his most natural way of living through his diet and nutrition.  Along with these changes, she also focused on the benefits of chiropractic and acupuncture treatments.


Finally, after one year of being on a new diet and the occasional adjustment by Dr. Suter, Abra proceeded through the 2012 show season with multiple championships and reserve championships; not to mention an enormous transformation in both his body condition and his overall attitude towards work.  He was no longer the wiry little thoroughbred that lacked both tolerance and concentration.  Instead, Abra stood before me a confident, Herculean equine, whose mind was sharp, attitude was tempered and riotous energies unruffled in the midst of chaos.


He had been transformed. Recently, Dr. Suter came to the rescue once again.  I transported one of my young horses to the HITS show in Ocala, Florida from Chicago, Illinois; a 17 hour ride, at least, in February this year.  The ride wreaked havoc on this horse.  Upon arrival, he was extremely sore and near colic from the trip.  As I arrived at the show grounds to meet my horse, I noticed he was not quite himself.  Minutes later, as if she sensed something was awry, Dr. Suter showed up seemingly out of the blue. (She was actually there to work on other clients horses).  She agreed that he needed some assistance.  She immediately suggested that I administer, Nutrient Buffer to subdue his colic symptoms, which worked.  The young horse relaxed and slept well during the night.  However, after a few days of schooling a the show, he still seemed sore and out of alignment.


Dr. Suter came by, assessed his physical condition, and concurred that he would benefit from an adjustment and some acupuncture.  Within two days my horse was feeling great, jumping in top form, completely relaxed and moving beautifully.  This transformation was no doubt the result of Dr. Suter’s intuition when it comes to what each specific animal needs and how exactly to cater to those needs in terms of treatment.  My horse has gone on to show with success, winning ribbons amongst the greatest of equine company.

What makes Odette exceptional

What makes Odette exceptional as an animal communicator is her ability to tune into your pets with her loving and gentle nature. In addition to her skill of coaching you as a pet owner she empowers you to be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and how they are effecting your relationship with yourself and your animals. Also, she is masterful at supporting you in learning to connect with your ability to communicate with your pets.

Susan Morrison

Dynamic Transformations