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Is Your Pet Suffering from Chronic Gut Issues?

Discover the HOLISTIC STRATEGY that’s changing lives with “Dr. Poop Lady”!

All disease begins in the gut!

Empower yourself to confidently navigate,
your pet's healthcare and experience a
happy and healthy life together!

Hi, I'm Dr. Suter and I'm so glad you're here!

Facing pet health issues can be like navigating a maze blindfolded. Does your furry friend suffer from gut issues and associated ailments, leaving you both suffering, stressed and searching for answers?

It’s gut-wrenching, isn’t it?

Seeing your cherished pet grapple with health issues, while answers seem just out of reach. You’ve tried different approaches, sought advice from vets and every corner of the internet, and invested not just money, but your heart, yet your pet is still suffering.

This journey is more than a quest for health; it’s a pursuit of happiness and well-being for your beloved furry family member.

Enter the world of holistic veterinary care with Dr. Suter!

As a seasoned truly holistic veterinarian and the infamous “Dr. Poop Lady,” I bring a unique approach to pet health. By focusing on gut health and microbiome, I get to the core of your pet’s health issues.

My methods are not about treating symptoms; they’re about unlocking your pet’s innate healing for lifelong vitality and wellness.

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