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Dr. Odette Suter, DVM

Holistic Care, Educator & Best Selling Author

Healing Approach

First and foremost the commitment I take on for all animals is to help them to restore their imbalances and prevent disease — before symptoms appear. 

Our journey together may begin with treating a disease that your animal is already coping with. In that case, we’ll focus on identifying and addressing the root causes of this illness, so that healing can occur and good health can arise and sustain itself naturally. I blend natural healing modalities with functional medicine and traditional approaches — each animal receives customized care, personalized to address their unique needs. In partnership with you, your animal will receive optimal support for healing, resulting in vibrant health.

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Due to decreased availability of veterinary care, I have shifted to educating and transforming animals’ health through my online Holistic Pet Health & Longevity Method program to personally support pet parents worldwide. 


Thus I’m not accepting new patients at the moment. If you’re interested in the online course, click here to start with my FREE Masterclass to get my support. 

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