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In today’s world of 7-minute physician appointments and drive-thru clinics we may have increased efficiency and speediness, but we’ve cut out some of the most important aspects of the physician-patient relationship, the key pieces to fostering true healing.

This is as true for veterinary care as for people. Animals take time to feel comfortable and learn to trust and communicate with their care-providers, and practitioners need time to familiarize themselves with their furry patients, observing first their general disposition and then any symptoms or conditions they may present.

In my office, as well as in my tele-health visits, I take time to get to know you and your pet. Our initial visits will rarely be less than an hour long. In addition to a physical exam, I’ll be asking you all kinds of nuanced questions about your pet’s daily life and life in your home.


Due to decreased availability of veterinary care, I’m shifting to educating and transforming animals’ health through my online HOLISTIC PET HEALTH & LONGEVITY METHOD program. This will help fill the much needed gaps and support more pet parents with their animals’ health. Thus, I’m not accepting new patients at the moment.


In the meantime I invite you to…


I’m currently not taking new patients.

Once we have a clear picture of the issues, we’ll work together to create a plan – first to restore your pet’s health and then to help them live the best life available to them — one of health and vitality! But I don’t think of myself just as your pet’s vet, I think of myself as your partner and teacher in the learning process of understanding your furry friend’s health needs and in discovering how best to care for them.


Before the initial visit I request that you provide detailed medical records from all the vets who have seen your pet, as well as fill out my comprehensive animal health questionnaire. This gives me a time line of your animal’s health history and also know what you’re looking for and your animal’s current treatment. At your appointment I will do a thorough exam and have a conversation with your to craft a plan for what’s next. This may include blood work, different testing, nutritional recommendations, supplements (when necessary) and a variety of therapies and treatments.


You’ll leave our appointments with a greater understanding of your pet’s health, how you can support them, and clarity about what’s next in their healing journey.


I look forward to partnering with you!

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Step #1

Fill Out Health Questionnaire
This health questionnaire explores not only your pet’s present health concerns but also asks broader questions on a range of topics including diet & exercise, mood and home environment, and much more. This helps me to get the most comprehensive picture of your furry friend’s experience and to deduce possible causes and contributors to their current conditions.
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Step #2

Request Medical Records To Be Emailed
Beyond just getting a basic sense of their medical history, many pet illnesses can be caused by “hidden culprits” from the past. Uncovering these clues is paramount to understanding who your pet is today, and it’s only possible with all those medical records from your vets (no invoices please!).
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Step #3

Watch This Free Intro Video
I developed this video as a “crash course” in holistic health care for animals and I ask all my clients to set aside 30 minutes to watch this video before our first meeting. This video introduces you to the fundamentals of holistic healthcare, my practice philosophy and even offers some tips and tricks for how to start building a holistic environment — great for animals AND their human companions — right now!
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