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May 2024 Webinar

Your Host: Dr. Odette Suter, DVM is a holistic veterinarian with nearly 30 years of experience. She is the founder of Peak Animal Health Center and author of the international bestselling book “What Your Vet Never Told You”. With her passion for teaching she offers education to pet caregivers to empower them to know how to maintain their animal’s health and create a long and happy life.


Life changing results for my whole pack!

Digestive issues have resolved, seasonal allergy issues are under control, and overall my dogs are a LOT healthier. It has been such a wonderful experience to find like minded people to share ideas and information with, and to have a safe space to ask questions and have discussions. I love the Q&A sessions and always learn something new from the other community member’s questions. Most of all the guidance and support from Dr. Suter has been invaluable and I am incredibly grateful to have found her and this program ❤️. This program has a been life changing for me!

Michele T.

Pet parent, retired vet tech, integrative dog coach & animal communicator

Saved from a short life of misery!

Since puppy, he had bouts of diarrhea and vomiting. Nothing helped! Tody, Galen’s bowels are perfect, his appetite, energy and mood are great. He’s Mr. Mellow but when he springs into action, its beautiful and impressive… with my expressions of deepest gratitude for saving my precious boy from a short life of misery!

Pamala F.

Dog Parent

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Beneficial to our own health as well!

My husband and I attended Dr. Suter’s classes and really enjoyed the experience and learned a great deal. Dr. Suter’s presentations were not only beneficial to the health of our animals but to our own health as well. We were provided with a great deal of information on many topics like nutrition, detoxification, hormones, the nervous system and more. The presentations were engaging and very easy for anyone to understand no matter what your background may be. I would highly recommend her courses to everyone.

Mary D.

Cat Parent

Dr. Odette Suter has changed our lives!

Prior to meeting Dr. Suter we were living in fear of our dogs illnesses. Back and forth to specialist vets with more and more medication. After only 3 months of working with Dr. Suter our dogs have remarkable health improvements. Specifically, our dog rarely wagged his tail and was very anxious, he is now a happy, healthy calm boy. Clear eyes, wonderful demeanor and wagging his tail constantly, we cannot thank Dr. Suter enough. She has changed our lives with respect to our animals. 

Her classes are enlightening and informative.  I believe any pet owner should invest in Dr. Suter’s programs.  Our friends and family who see our two dogs after only 3 months of working with Dr. Suter have commented on how different our dogs are acting.  Happy healthy wonderful dogs now live with us, all thanks to her.

Jill K.

Dog Parent


He became the dog I knew he could be!”

 brought home this wonderful, intelligent little puppy and within the first year, he was slipping away. He did not feel well. His feet would bleed, he had pimple like sores on his torso, he was obsessed with licking urine and eating dirt, lacked focus and very sensitive to any touch.

Wthin a few weeks, Dr. Suter found the cause and got him on the proper protocol.

He became the dog I knew he could be and was finally feeling great and wanting to do things. Dr. Suter gave me my dog back and Grit and I are forever grateful!!

Melissa C.

Dog parent, animal communicator, energy healer, pet health coach

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