Vaccine Titer Testing

An antibody titer blood test is used to determine if your animal mounted an immune response to a vaccine or previous infection and whether or not it may need certain immunizations.

Vaccines, as protective as they may be, also come with an array of potential adverse reactions and many animals are over-vaccinated, placing unnecessary stress on their immune systems. This awareness draws many to choose titer testing for their animals. Titer testing is a simple blood test that measures antibody presence in order to help veterinarians judge the need for a vaccine booster. 

A titer test is a laboratory test that involves drawing blood from a patient and check fort he presence of antibodies produced as a result of a vaccine or actual infection. It is used to see if an animal is immune to a certain virus or may need a booster vaccination.
For dogs we can check parvo, distemper, adenovirus and rabies titers. For cats we have panleukopenia, herpes, calici and rabies available. For horses we can check rabies, tetanus, herpes, encephalitidies and influenza titers.

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