Rabies Law Amendment – We Need Your Help!

I’m so very excited about the changes that are afoot! It will save so many animals’ lives. Please get involved and help as much as you feel called to! It is greatly appreciated!

Some of you may already have heard or participated in Dr. Robb’s movement to change out-dated, un-scientific and life-threatening rabies law. He has raised a nation-wide or maybe even international “stink” to rightly and finally change the fate of many animals and he needs all of our support.

BTW this exposure of truth is needed for all vaccines and animal species too… and many more medical lies!

This “Protect the Pets” movement is fueled by tens of thousands of pet guardians like you and is quickly spreading from CT throughout the United States and the World. As of this writing, 8 States are now actively engaged in steps to amend the Rabies Law! California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and North Carolina!

The goal is to amend the Rabies law around the world because it is based on two false assumptions:

“Two false assumptions never based in science are being addressed. These false assumptions have led to death and physical suffering of untold numbers of pets plus pain and suffering to the pet owners who love them!

(1) First false assumption – “the veterinarian is vaccinating an immune system so all animals no matter what the size or body weight get injected with the same amount of vaccine”.

No, science has proven that it’s the opposite, that the veterinarian is vaccinating an entire body composed of multiple systems and the immune system decreases in size as body size decreases. Over-stimulation of the immune system affects every body system and toxicity occurs with multiple organs involved. This is manifested by seizures if its the brain, hemolytic anemia if it’s the blood, cancer in whatever organ is involved, heart disease if its the heart valves and the list goes on and on!

(2) Second false assumption – “immunity drops over time after the rabies vaccine requiring frequent booster injections “.

Wrong again, science has clearly shown that once an antibody response has occurred, easily measured by a simple blood test, an affordable Rabies titer, there is no need to re-vaccinate the pet!

Vaccine reactions in pets are not required to be reported by the veterinarian. Because of this there is no clear documentation of vaccine reactions through administrative channels. However, with the advent of social media pet parents are reporting reactions directly to the public. It’s now abundantly clear that vaccine reactions are frequent and severe often ending in the untimely death of the pet and emotional suffering of the pet owners!”

– Dr. John Robb

The Rabies Challenge Fund led by Dr. Jean Dodds, Kris Christine, and Dr. Ronald Schultz has been studying immunity after vaccination for nine years. This paragraph supports the second false assumption.

“Some of the dogs with low or no detected RFFIT antibody [titer] were further tested to determine if they had “immunologic memory”. This in vitro test shows whether memory is present or not, even in cases when serum antibody cannot be detected at a level considered to be protective. The results of this further testing indicated that most of the dogs vaccinated five years ago, even without a positive RFFIT, do have “immunologic memory”.

– The Rabies Challenge Fund

In-vivo test results are still pending.

“In the United States, most localities require re-vaccination of adult pets at yearly or triennial intervals, without regard for the patient’s antibody status. This represents a scientifically flawed approach! The main objective of vaccination must be to safely provide protection from disease, and should not be done to simply meet administrative requirements or deadlines.

Canine studies funded by the Rabies Challenge Fund and performed in collaboration with the University of Georgia have confirmed that dogs that have a detectable rabies antibody titer are resistant to disease caused by experimental challenge with virulent rabies virus for as long as 7 years after two doses of rabies vaccine.

A scientifically sound approach to rabies [and any other vaccine!] vaccination in adult pets would be to first determine antibody status and risk of infection, and only then administer booster vaccination if needed as is the standard of care for those human beings who also require protection from rabies.

                  – Dr. Ronald Schultz, DVM, Immunologist and Vaccine Expert

If we veterinarians were to actually abide by the Hippocratic Oath we would be breaking the law at this point, even though it is malpractice to vaccinate an animal with a vaccine it does not need and that has the potential to injure it. Vaccines can cause an immediate reaction, chronic disease, cancer or death. Just like Dr. Robb and many of my holistic veterinary colleagues I feel stuck between what I know is right and what the law dictates.

Dr. Robbs poem says it well:

The Dawning Of A New Era!

I came into a “system”, broken and corrupted!

I tried to follow rules, which made the animals suffer!

I tried to play the game, but my heart broke with tears!

I watched animals suffer over many, many, years!

But now a new age dawns, the beginning of the end!

The end of the corruption, the end of misled friends!

Truly we are winning, the pets are being freed, the owners have discernment, through knowledge comes well being!

The pets receive protection, the people being freed!

Forgiveness and deliverance, for all who’ve been deceived!

The work is far from over, in fact it’s just begun!

But soon and very soon, the Victory Will Be Won!

Protect the Pets! Doc (John Robb)

We have to get the truth out to all entities: veterinarians, elected officials and pet guardians.

“We are a tidal wave and we’re rolling over the veterinary establishment. Every day lives are saved when someone who doesn’t know gains this knowledge and takes action. And future lives will be saved when this amended rabies law passes. But it’s up to We The People. Spread the word, educate, encourage and stand. We will have victory! And we will protect the pets!”

Now that is a passionate and very brave veterinarian. See for yourself: https://youtu.be/DqJnntTHIDo

What can you do:

  1. If you have a sick animal (yes, that includes allergies, lose stool, ear infections, and anything else that isn’t normal or requires medication), ask for an rabies exemption letter. Get a titer test done at least 6 weeks before the rabies vaccine is due just so you have something to show that your animal has a sufficient level of immunity.
  2. If you have a healthy animal, I can of course not recommend anything illegal, but you are the guardian of your animal and responsible for their well-being. If you decide to not vaccinate, I highly recommend getting a titer test done. At least you’ll have some proof that your animal has sufficient immunity.
  3. Educate your veterinarian!!
  4. Chose the safest vaccine (Merial Imrab 1TF or 3TF, thimerosol free)
  5. Don’t allow yearly vaccination unless it’s your animal’s first rabies vaccine. The second one should always be a 3 year vaccine.
  6. Give Lyssin homeopathic remedy after the rabies vaccine (Thuja for all others).

THANK YOU!! May your animals be healthy!

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