Prepare for Your First Visit

Have you scheduled your first appointment? Great! I am honored that you’ve chosen me as your vet and partner in your pet’s health.


Our appointments are useful well beyond dealing with your pet’s current health issue. They’re a great opportunity for us to work together to build a plan to support your pet throughout their life. To maximize the benefits of our partnership, I invite all my furry families to take a few steps to prepare for our first visit together. 


Each step is designed to help you better understand and integrate a holistic pet care approach, and to help me better understand who your beloved furry family member is and what their life is like. 



Step #1

Fill Out Health Questionnaire
This health questionnaire explores not only your pet’s present health concerns but also asks broader questions on a range of topics including diet & exercise, mood and home environment, and much more. This helps me to get the most comprehensive picture of your furry friend’s experience and to deduce possible causes and contributors to their current conditions.
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Step #2

Request Medical Records To Be Emailed
Beyond just getting a basic sense of their medical history, many pet illnesses can be caused by “hidden culprits” from the past. Uncovering these clues is paramount to understanding who your pet is today, and it’s only possible with all those medical records from your vets (no invoices please!).
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Step #3

Watch This Free Intro Video
This video introduces you to the fundamentals of holistic healthcare, my practice philosophy and even offers some tips and tricks for how to start building a holistic environment — great for animals AND their human companions — right now!
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