Nutrition Counseling


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine will be thy food.”

Food either heals or harms. Nutrition is one of the most powerful healing tools available! Even Hippocrates knew that 400 BC. I’ll work with you to develop a nutritional program for your animal companion that considers their health needs, breed, age, weight, and more, in order to replenish deficiencies, eliminate toxins, and regain and maintain health.

Without proper nutrition, your pet won’t be able to perform their daily activities and stay energetic, active, and healthy. If you’ve never thought much about the nutrition your animal is getting, here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of ensuring your pet gets good nutrition.

A nutritional program for your animal is based as closely as possible on its natural diet while taking into account health status, breed, age, weight, work load, etc. Such a biologically appropriate diet assists the individual animal to regain and maintain health. It assists in replenishing deficiencies as well as eliminating toxins.

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