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Questions about my practice?

Dr. Suter is available for tele-consultations and in-person visits. PLEASE NOTE: I CANNOT LEGALLY diagnose, treat, or prescribe over the phone/email without having physically examined your animal within the past year. However, I would be happy to schedule a phone consultation for "general questions" in the form of a coaching session in which I can make general suggestions for diagnostics and treatment modalities to explore.
Peak Animal Health Center is located inside the pet store Page’s Healthy Paws in Island Lake. The address is 650 E. State Rd, Island Lake. Since Peak Animal Health Center is a separate busines PLEASE always call 661.993.1979 for any questions.
Holistic medicine focuses on finding the root cause and restoring the body’s proper functioning rather than masking symptoms. Therefore, I spend more time with my patients. Please visit my "What to Expect", and "How To Prepare For Your First Visit" to learn more.
You can either call my office 661.993.1979 or do an online request by visiting Contact Me. I generally respond within 24-48 business hours.
I’m a very small practice and don't provide emergency services. Veterinary Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove is a full service, fully staffed emergency and urgent care veterinary hospital. They also offer all of the specialty diagnostics and treatment options that may be required. Their contact information is (847) 459-7535, 1515 Busch Pkwy, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089. Please let me know if you have to take your animal to the emergency so that I can support you. Please also ask them to email me records so I know what’s going on.
For in-person consultations you will be given a due date at the time of scheduling. The online form needs to be filled out and medical record from all of your animal’s vets need to be received by the given due date. The appointment is automatically cancelled without notice if they’re not received on time. For tele-consultations, your appointment is scheduled once all requested paperwork is received.
As a holistic vet I’m a bit of a medical detective, which makes detailed information very valuable. I also don’t want to waste your money and unnecessarily poke your animals to repeat testing done prior. Most medical records contain accurate dates/times/assessments/and prescriptions, which are useful when trying to identify a possible health pattern. PLEASE NOTE THAT MEDICAL RECORDS ARE NOT INVOICES YOU RECEIVED. You have to request them from your veterinarians.
Medical records include your veterinarians’ notes, observations, assessment, treatment and prescription information as well as lab results. Invoices only list a summary of services and are therefore insufficient for me to get a whole picture.
If you’re an existing client, feel free to email it to me. Otherwise, I invite you to visit my website and social media pages. They all contain a lot of great information you can review for FREE! I also have an informational book as well as a very extensive video series available for you to learn from.

Questions about my classes?

They will teach you what it really takes to create a life of health and longevity for your animals. I put all the gems I have gained over the past 3 decades into an easily understandable yet very in-depth course.
Pet parent, animal industry professionals and veterinarians.
All courses are online. All you need is an internet connection and computer or device.
It is my goal to get my courses RACE approved in the near future.

Questions about my book?