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Everything you wish you knew to create a happy and healthy life for your animal!

Have you gone from veterinarian to veterinarian and not found the answers you’re looking for to help your animal heal? Is your animal still suffering while you feel helpless? Odette Suter will show you how to turn your animal’s health around to achieve peak health for your beloved animal companions.

In this book you will:


  • Discover the cutting edge functional approach to healing for your animal
  • Learn how to restore your animal’s healthy body function
  • Recognize the biggest mistakes people make regarding health
  • Implement a specific plan that facilitates return to a healthy state
  • Gain tools to prevent disease and give Your animal a healthy and happy life

Readers Say

“This refreshing and easily readable book will help you understand and apply this knowledge to improve and maintain the health, well-bieng, and longevity of your animal companions.”

W. Jean Dodds, DVM

President and Founder of Hemopet/Hemolife canine blood bank and diagnostic program, and co-author of two best-selling books.

“This book covers important topics all pet lovers need to know about: the real cost of disease, what true health really means, why our current healthcare system and approach is broken, and most importantly, what you can do about it to directly improve the life and well-being for the animals in your care. Dr. Suter provides practical tips and advice to move your pets from a state of dis-ease to wellness, something that cab only be accomplished by holistically encompassing all aspects of a pet’s mind, body, and spirit.”

Karen Shaw Becker, DVM

Proactive & Wellness Veterinarian

“We need books about health, how to get it, keep it, and get it back. Understanding how disease gets started gives a roadmap to recovery, Great read!”

Richard E Palmquist, DVM, GDVCHM, ACHCHM